• Shaping the future of crystallography

    Electron Diffraction (ED) is gaining momentum in science and industry. The application of ED for performing nano-crystallography is a disruptive innovation that will open fascinating new perspectives in particular for organic compounds required in the fields of chemical, pharmaceutical and advanced materials research.

  • A strong team with complementary skills

    A strong team with complementary skills. Many years of experience in management, industry and in the scientific field. Excellently suited to master the diverse challenges of the new venture.


ELDICO Scientific - the Electron Diffraction Company - is a Swiss hardware company founded 2019 and is located in Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), one of the world's leading research centers for natural and engineering sciences.

ELDICO develops, produces and sells electron diffractometers for the analysis of solid compounds enabling industrial and scientific researchers to characterise hitherto unmeasurable nano-crystalline systems. So far conventional methods (X-ray) fail because they require bigger crystal sizes, which are often difficult or even impossible to produce.

The proof of concept was achieved in 2018 (ETH Zurich, C-CINA Basel) on scientifically and industrially relevant samples. The results published (Angewandte Chemie, International Edition) gained significant attention and were nominated for "Breakthrough of the Year 2018" by SCIENCE.

For us, shaping the future of crystallography means we will support academic and industrial scientists to obtain relevant structural information faster, with better quality and at lower cost.

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